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Mitchell: Cats adjust to new home, companions

July 18, 2004


There is a cat living in my sock drawer.

Don't worry. He likes it there.

It's a nice, quiet place, and that's a rare thing these days at our house, where cats outnumber people three to one.

I adopted my first cat, Greta, six years ago to win over a girlfriend. Don't laugh -- said girlfriend is now my wife.

A year later, I gave Michelle a cat of her own, which she rejected and gave back to me. The joke's on her, now she and Marvin both have to live with me.

We adopted our third cat, Lauren, a month before we got married. Helpful tip for the obvious impaired: It's not a good idea to adopt a pet right before you go on a vacation/honeymoon -- especially if that pet turns out to be pregnant.

Anybody want a kitten?

We have three little ones: Two black-and-white girls and one black male. They're awfully cute, if you don't mind the fact that they like to climb people like trees. The pain isn't completely excruciating -- as long as you're wearing shoes and pants.

Anybody want a kitten?

Lauren and her kittens have met my old cats, but they don't mingle without human supervision yet. That means one room of our small, new house is devoted to segregated cats.

I recently moved my dresser into the cat room because my wife and her stuff had taken over every other room in the house. One day I went into the cat room and found only two kittens. The male kitten -- who we call Sasquatch because of his big feet -- wasn't in the litter box, the closet or under any piece of furniture. Finally, I moved the dresser to see if he was behind it, and one drawer fell out. There was the kitten, sleeping on my socks.

He had figured out how to crawl under the dresser, crawl up the back of the drawers and climb in.

Now his sisters follow him.

Three kittens greet me every morning. Not on my bed, not at my feet but in my sock drawer. They like it there.

Sometimes they are all in the bottom drawer. Sometimes they climb to the third drawer. Michelle calls it the cat condo.

We have not hooked up cable TV at the new house yet because kittens are more entertaining than summer reruns.

When we picked the then two-week-old cats from the vet, they couldn't walk too well. Now, they run everywhere they go. Of course, Sasquatch never runs far from his sock drawer. He's the lazy one.

The girls especially like my old cat tunnel. But instead of sleeping in it like adult cats, they walk the inside walls like a hamster on a wheel.

They're seven-weeks-old now, and they'll be with us just a little while longer. We'll miss them when they're gone.

Marvin and Greta won't.

Anybody want a kitten?

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