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Family briefs

July 11, 2004


Car talk takes off

Two-thirds of parents surveyed for the Chrysler Group by Harris Interactive named the family vehicle as a convenient place to have meaningful conversations with their children about school, friends and values.

The survey also found that nearly 70 percent of parents spend most of their time with their children outside the home in the family vehicle, and that families spent an average of 1.3 hours in the car every day.

Topics discussed on the road include extracurricular activities, chores and lifestyle or health issues, such as drugs and sex.

Toddlers need to hear it plain

You may want to be the kind of mom who includes her child in every decision. But if you have a toddler, good intentions are lost on him, says Parenting magazine. It's best to use short, declarative sentences:

If he's climbing: "Feet on the floor!"

While dressing: "Arms up!"

When you get him a drink: "Both hands!"

Getting in the car: "Captain! To your command post!"

If she bites a playmate: "Bite food, not people."

At bedtime: "One book, or no book."

Clothes tell bugs, sun to buzz off

The Buzz Off line of clothes available at Talbots Kids features an insect repellent bound to the fabric fibers of each garment.

Permethrin is a man-made version of a natural insect repellent found in certain chrysanthemums, and it provides invisible, odorless protection on a new T-shirt, long-sleeve shirt with a roll-up sleeve, khaki pants and a sun bucket hat.

The garments are made by Ex Officio, manufacturer of outdoor and travel gear. Buzz Off Insect Shield Insect Repellent Apparel is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency and was tested by military field forces.

Buzz Off clothes offer the added benefit of providing a Sun Protection Factor of 30.

Ex Officio and Buzz Off give all after-tax proceeds from the children's clothes to Hole in the Wall Camps, residential summer camps for children with serious illnesses. Additionally, Talbots Kids is contributing one dollar for every Buzz Off item sold to Hole in the Wall.

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