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Washington anti-tax group coming to state

July 9, 2004


— The Washington, D.C., anti-tax group Americans for Prosperity today announced it was setting up shop in Kansas.

"Our members believe that economic prosperity for all Kansans is achieved by limiting the growth of government," Alan Cobb, the group's new state director, said.

The group raised a ruckus during the legislative session when it spent a record $111,781 in April in lobbying legislators against a tax increase for schools. The effort included a mass mailing critical of lawmakers who supported tax increases.

Several lawmakers criticized the group, saying its mailings were incorrect. Americans for Prosperity stood by its statements.

Told the group was making a permanent chapter in Kansas, Gov. Kathleen Sebelius said Americans for Prosperity provided "erroneous information that I don't find to be helpful in political dialogue. We've got tough issues and tough work to do and skewing it with phony mailers didn't really help at all."

Cobb said the group would work toward educating Kansans about the need to limit government spending.

He was joined at a news conference by leaders of the National Federation of Independent Business, the Wichita Independent Business Association, and the Kansas Taxpayers Network.

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