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Quick-stop city’

July 8, 2004


To the editor:

The new law enacted July 1 is one clear case of a few incompetent people running the lives of many. I am very fortunate that my home is between two cities, one of them being Lawrence. This gives me a choice of where to shop or relax. When I go to a restaurant/bar I want to enjoy the visit without worrying about what insane law I might be breaking. The smoking ban and the dog law are two very good examples of runaway government.

The city government is turning Lawrence into a quick-stop city, a place were you go only if you can't take the time to go to a real town. When people want to make a major purchase they will go somewhere they feel welcome.

If, in fact, this kind of law does not hurt businesses, why didn't the restaurant/bar owners enact it themselves? Can any business in this economy afford to discourage customers? Is there really a majority of nonsmokers who frequent restaurants and bars who care if someone in the same building in another room is smoking? How would they take a customer loss like this? In this day of diminishing rights and privileges I don't think we can afford to voluntarily give up any personal freedom.

Ken Roberts,


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