Car pulled from river in Lawrence

A car pulled from the Kaw River early this morning likely was put there on purpose, according to workers who removed the vehicle.

“There were signs that this was something that was done on purpose,” said Kevin Raash from TransMasters, a towing service in North Lawrence.

“We got the call to remove the car from the river just after 8 this morning,” Raash said.

The late-model, four-door Mercury Mystique with Stafford County license plate SDW 206, was found almost completely submerged.

“When we pulled the car out there was some sort of article of clothing tied around the back of the drivers seat and then tied to the steering wheel,” Raash said. “It looks like whoever did this had the car on top of the levee, pointed it towards the river, and let it roll down the river bank,” Raash said.

The car went in the river from the north bank across from Burcham Park and behind Johnny’s Tavern in north Lawrence.

No one was thought to have been injured in the incident.

Tracks along the Kaw river across from Burcham Park, revel where a late model Ford Mystique almost was driven in river early Friday morning. Police are still investagating the incident.