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Board to discuss how schools will make up snow days

Agenda highlights ¢ 7 p.m. today ¢ District headquarters, 110 McDonald Drive

February 23, 2004


Bottom line

The board will consider when elementary students should make up their third snow day of the year.


Schools have closed because of inclement weather three times this year. Junior high and senior high students still will attend more than the mandated 1,116 hours, but elementary students will be short by 45 minutes. District staff has recommended students either attend a half day on teachers' last contract day, May 24, or have one minute added to their school day from March 1 to May 21 to make up the difference.

Other business

Other business

Recognition of school resource officers.

Executive session

To discuss matters of nonelected personnel and negotiations, beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Regular agenda

  • approval of bids for bleacher replacement at West Junior High
  • approval of bids for HVAC modifications at Lawrence High School, Hillcrest School, East Heights School and West Junior High.
  • approval of bid for purchase of copy paper
  • purchase contract for testing materials for Reading First schools
  • acceptance of audit for fiscal year 2003 and management letter
  • approval of proposal for audit for fiscal year ending June 20, 2004
  • approval of George Williams Way stormwater easement


  • emergency management
  • boundary committee
  • capital outlay projects update
  • summer school reports and plans for 2004
  • budget update

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