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February 7, 2004


How can I let God work through me?

Searching Scripture is place to start

The Rev. Donald Miller, senior pastor, Immanuel Lutheran Church and University Student Center, 2104 W. 15th St.:

For God to work in us and through us, he must work in our lives.

Since Adam and Eve's disobedience to God in the fall into sin, we are people who are imperfect and sinful, separated from God. The result is seen in actions, thoughts and behaviors not attuned to God's will, according to Romans 3:23 "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." When in that condition, God cannot work through us.

God's love repairs sin as we hear in John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." Jesus gives the opportunity for us to have a relationship with God again, through his gift of forgiveness. As a result, we "no longer live for (ourselves) but for him who died for (us) and rose again." (2 Corinthians 5:15)

Now we want God to guide our decisions and choices. The place to begin is by "search(ing) the Scriptures (the Bible) for they testify about me (Jesus)." (John 5:39) Through Bible study, worship, a prayer life with God and sharing in a Christian community, God promises to send the Holy Spirit to "guide you into all truth." (John 16:13)

God empowers us to live for him -- seeking to let him work through us in loving others. Paul writes in Ephesians 2:10 "For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God has already prepared for us to do."

Seek God's will for you, and he will work through you.

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Humble spirit aided Jesus' work

The Rev. Marshall Lackrone, pastor, Calvary Temple Assembly of God, 606 W. 29th St. Terrace:

We can take Jesus himself as our example.

In John 5:19 (New Living Translation) Jesus replied, "I assure you, the son can do nothing by himself. He does only what he sees the father doing. Whatever the father does, the son also does."

Sometimes it is not so difficult to let God work through us, if we had a more clear definition of what he wants us to do in the first place. Many great apostles, evangelists and theologians took their knowledge and inspiration of what they were to do directly from Scripture. Apollos was instructed by Aquila and Priscilla in Acts 18:25 (King James Version) "This man was instructed in the way of the Lord."

If we have faithfully submitted ourselves to study the word of God and have been found faithful, God will show us what is next in our work to do for him. David knew that we had the ability to allow God to rise up in our lives: Psalm 68:1 (KJV) "Let God arise, let his enemies be scattered."

Jesus had the most important and most difficult work to do, and he found that prayer and a humble spirit made it possible for him to accomplish this work: Luke 22:42 (NLT) "Father, if you are willing, please take this cup of suffering away from me. Yet I want your will, not mine."

If we truly want to let God work through us, it is important to believe that he will show us how: Psalm 25:4-5 (KJV) "Shew me thy ways, O Lord; teach me thy paths. Lead me in thy truth, and teach me: for thou art the God of my salvation; on thee do I wait all the day."

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