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Morality is issue

December 15, 2004


To the editor:

Leonard Krishtalka in his recent article equated intelligent design with ancient pagan creation myths, and proposed evolution as the only "scientific explanation" for life's origin. How unique is evolution as a creation story? Several ancient pagan creation myths have earth and life springing from a corpse, (i.e. Ymir, the Norse myth) usually after a battle of the gods. (The ensuing creation worship demands human sacrifice to appease the nature-gods, or in modern terms "sustain the biosphere.")

In observational science this is spontaneous generation, specifically heterogeneous. The neo-pagan myth, with its primordial soup spontaneously generating life, is a biogenesis, the other type of spontaneous generation. So, Darwinism is no different from the ancient pagan creation myths and "has been found to be myth, not theory, not fact and not science." Why? Because spontaneous generation has never been observed.

The primary function of every creation story, Judeo-Christian or neo-pagan, is to provide the moral foundation of the religion. Darwin was a philosopher whose "theory" was an erroneous philosophy of man, which placed man in an egalitarian position with beasts by denying his immortal soul. His "theory" gave an alternative creation story designed to replace Genesis.

This is not a fight over science, this is over whose creation story, and ultimately whose morality will inform our laws. The morality housed in Genesis ensures the sanctity of your life, while the evolutionist's denial of man's immortal soul reduces you to the level of an animal. What can we do with animals? We can clone them, sterilize them, breed them and, if they prove inefficient, eliminate them.

Ann Heschmeyer,


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