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In the halls

December 14, 2004


What hobbies do you have?

Austin Hamill, eighth grade, Central Junior High School

"I play video games and collect comedy DVDs."

Charles Sikes, sixth grade, Deerfield School

"Skateboarding. I go every day after school."

Alex Johnson, seventh grade, Southwest Junior High School

"I collect football cards. I usually trade or sell them to kids at school."

Chase Johnson, sophomore, Lawrence High School

"I collect jerseys and autographed basketballs and baseballs."

Mara McAllister, fourth grade, Deerfield School

"Sometimes I go horseback riding. I really like to be around the horses."

Brett Carey, first grade, Lawrence Catholic School

I like to collect and play with race cars. I like to launch them around the track, but it's usually a tie."

Laura Smith, senior, Free State High School

"I go to youth group and practice for dramas in our church."

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