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Kansas electors make Bush vote official

December 13, 2004


— President Bush won Kansas by six votes -- that is, six of the state's six electoral votes.

Presidential electors met Monday in state capitals across the nation to cast votes in the Electoral College.

In most states, the winner of the popular vote receives the state's electoral votes. States have as many electoral votes as they have congressional representatives.

In the popular vote in Kansas, Bush-Cheney received 62 percent of the vote, while Democrat John Kerry received 36 percent. Ralph Nader and other candidates received the remaining votes.

On Monday, the six Kansas electors, chosen earlier by the state Republican Party, cast their votes for Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

While the presidential electors' meeting was routine, Secretary of State Ron Thornburgh called it "historic."

The six electors received $3 per diem plus 15 cents per mile for their work.

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