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Why not act?

December 3, 2004


To the editor:

This is in response to the letter "U.S. was right" (Public Forum, Friday), in which the author argues our war in Iraq was justified by humanitarian concerns. While I think everyone who has a conscience is glad to be rid of Hussein, there are a few problems with this argument.

First, many atrocities Hussein carried out were with U.S. complicity and support, right up until the invasion of Kuwait. Secondly, other nations, such as Turkey, carry out brutal repression (i.e., the Kurds) and enjoy U.S. military support for their efforts. Finally, there are many areas of worse genocide and human rights violations in the world right now, about which the U.S. government is doing precious little to remedy.

My question, then, is: If we want to be a humanitarian power in the world, why don't we act where it is needed?

Christopher Deleau,


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