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Designating ‘homework spot’ perfect way to start year

August 9, 2004


With classes back in session Wednesday for Lawrence public school students, here are 10 tips for a successful 2004-2005 year:

  • Practice getting up early before school starts to aid in the transition.
  • Pick a designated spot in the home for doing your homework. This "homework spot" should be quiet, well-lit and contain the basic school supplies needed to complete most homework assignments so you don't have break your concentration.
  • Try to do homework after school when the lessons are still fresh in your mind. Leaving homework until the evening, when you're likely to be tired, can be counterproductive.
  • You'll feel most content on a full stomach, so have a healthy snack before or during homework.
  • Always put homework in your backpack when completed so you don't forget to bring it to school the next day.
  • Pick out school clothes the night before. Making your choices and ensuring they're clean and ready will save valuable time in the morning.
  • Preparing lunches the night before also can lessen the load and the decision-making the next morning.
  • Limit caffeine and sugar intake after dinner, since either can affect your ability to fall asleep.
  • Reading before bed is a perfect opportunity to wind down, and younger kids and parents can spend quality time together.
  • Use a daily planner to keep school functions and extracurricular activities organized.


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