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Edwards to speak in Lawrence today

Kerry campaign to make amends for failure to stop in late-night pass-through

August 8, 2004


Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards and his family will highlight the "Believe in America Rally" at 1 p.m. today at Abe & Jake's Landing, just east of Lawrence's city hall.(The rally had been scheduled to be in Buford M. Watson Jr. Park, but the location was changed because of today's rain.)

Elizabeth Edwards's comments on the Kerry-Edwards blog can be found here. The following are some of the comments posted to the blog by some of the supporters who waited at the train station.
Good Morning to all of you. I was one of the over 1,000 people who stood outside the AM Trak Depot here in Lawrecnce Kansas this morning as the train rolled through. It would have been an historical moment if the train had slowed any, so that John and John could have stepped out and waved at all who stood there for hours waiting. The train went by so quickly alot of people were quite disappointed. I fully understand for safety reasons a stop may have been dangerous, and not a good idea.I really do think that you should come back to Lawrence and give a speech. I know that Kansas City is a much larger place, but we are a college city and you and your team would do well here. Alot of the students who attend here or plan to attend here as freshmen are registering to vote now and a lady was signing up alot of young kids eary this morning at the depot and your train rolled through.As I stood there with my 7 year old he asked me this question. " Are we here to see the President of the United States stop and talk to us ? " I told him, " This man we are waiting to see isn't the President yet, but hopefully he will be so we can make things better for America. " He fell asleep in my arms as I held him, and woke him up as the train went by. He got to wave, but said he didn't see anybody. Alot of people came out and after the train rolled through so quickly I heard alot of cheers at first and more jeers after that.It may be a good idea for you to come back to Lawrence, stop by the Pizza Hut you at ate while traveling through years ago and give us a speech at our Allen Field House. Bill Clinton was here not to long ago and gave a speech their and was fantastic.Hope to see both of you back along with your team here in Lawrence, I'm sure you would have given a speech from the train if you could have. You have my vote, but come back to Lawrence and see how many more you have here also.Posted by: italianprincess on August 7, 2004 12:25 PM
Thank you SO MUCH for letting us know what happened in Lawrence, and why the train didn't even slow down.I emailed your remarks to my daughter, a KU student who'd turned down several invitations from her Republican friends to go "clubbing" last night to stand instead and wait for the Kerry/Edwards train. This was her first effort of any kind to support a political candidate, and I know she'll be taking quite a bit of ribbing about it today, so your remarks are very helpful in explaining what happened.And please, please do try, if you can, to come back to make some kind-of connection with Lawrence if your time can possibly allow it. I promise you that the reception you'll receive will take your breath away. The town, in the heart of America (known to some as "fly-over" country") is an absolute Kerry/Edwards powerhouse.And remember, we're pretty close to Missouri . . .Posted by: KansanforKerry on August 7, 2004 01:31 PM
Hello!I (along with my mother, husband, a friend from work, and a friend from the gym) was one of the people standing in the dark last night waiting to catch a glimpse of our next President! My keyboard to God's ears, huh? Thank you. I'd love to see you all give a speech in Lawrence, KS! I realize Kansas is considered a lost cause, and time spent here maybe a waste because it is a wee-bit red, but we would appreciate it. I for one (and there are many more) will work hard to someday change the great state of Kansas back to the blue state it was once long ago!Bless You!!Kerry-Edwards 2004!!Janella WilliamsLawrence, KSPosted by: Janella Williams on August 7, 2004 02:04 PM
Hello Everyone,My family and I drove from Geary County, KS which is an hour and half from Lawrence to wait at the Amtrack station. We got lost twice in Lawrence and finally found the station. We patiently waited for the train and were very excited to have John Kerry and John Edwards coming to Kansas. It was exciting to see the train and it was very disappointing that the train did not stop. But, we consoled ourselves with the knowledge that we had made a statement by standing and waiting.When I heard that John and Elizabeth were coming back to Kansas, I felt a huge sense of victory. We had not waited for nothing. We were apart of something bigger. We made the local news which helps build interest and energy. I am so very glad you are coming to back Kansas to speak and I will be in Lawrence tomorrow!!!Good luck and Thank you!Posted by: Melody on August 7, 2004 09:03 PM

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