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Wagle trumps Knight

August 4, 2004


Susan Wagle, a Republican state senator from Wichita whose campaign material featured pot shots at Kansas University easily withstood a primary challenge from former Wichita Mayor Bob Knight.

Wagle, considered a strong contender to be the next president of the Kansas Senate, made national news in 2002 by lambasting KU on the floor of the Kansas Senate while accusing professor Dennis Dailey of promoting pornography and pedophila in his popular class on human sexuality.

KU investigated Wagle's complaints but concluded they were baseless.

That didn't stop Wagle, who dismissed KU's investigation as a whitewash, from repeating the charges in campaign fliers.

In one of the campaign pieces, Wagle said, "Some Kansas professors are using your tax money to turn their classrooms into red light districts."

She told the Journal-World the fliers referred to KU.

The university steered clear of the politicking.

Lynn Bretz, director of university relations, said KU had "no desire to be dragged into the campaign."

But Bretz said Wagle's campaign fliers contained "inaccuracies and misrepresentations of fact.

Wagle defeated Knight 5,535 votes to 3,089, or 64 percent of the vote versus 36 percent.

Wagle served in the Kansas House from 1991 until 2000, when she was elected to the Senate.

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