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Promoter sees promising future for hip-hop-singing soldiers

August 4, 2004


— The Army brought them to Kansas.

The War on Terrorism sent them to Iraq.

The love for hip-hop brought them together.

And now, the hunger for success binds them together.

A group of Fort Riley soldiers who call themselves Exit Entertainment is looking to build a hip-hop conglomerate in Junction City.

Last month, the group held a talent competition, where Miracle, a rapper from Augusta, Ga., selected hip-hop groups to perform for Universal Records representatives.

Exit's business manager, Tavares Bethel, said it was a "golden opportunity" for local acts to make contacts and receive feedback from professionals who have worked with singers such as Notorious B.I.G., Aaliyah and Timbaland.

"A lot of people don't know this, but there is a lot of talent in this town, and I'm going to try to bring it all out into the open," said Wayne Goode, who started the group about two years ago.

Goode said Exit Entertainment would do more than just produce albums; it also is promoting hip-hop in the Junction City area.

Goode said some soldiers exhibited talent that could rival famous rappers like Nas or Jay-Z; all they need is an outlet to exhibit their talent. These soldiers also bring with them connections to hip-hop hot spots in New York, Miami and St. Louis.

One of those connections allowed Exit Entertainment to arrange the concert featuring Miracle.

Jean Pierre, who goes by the stage name of Young P, is one of the shining stars of the group. Already he has albums that are selling underground, and lyrically he is considered the best Fort Riley has to offer.

"This is only the beginning," Young P said. "Junction City can eventually be what Motown is, and I think we are just paving the way for that."

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