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Cooler weather expected today

August 4, 2004


With the heat index reaching 115 on Tuesday, Lawrence felt as hot as California's Death Valley. But a cold front will bring much cooler weather today, with the high reaching only 86.

"A very nice day is in store, once that cold front works its way through the region," said.Jennifer Schack, 6News meteorologist. "We'll finally have some relief from the 90s."

The temperature was 80 about 8 a.m., with the humidity at 82 percent, making it feel muggy, Schack said. Clouds were expected to move in, helping to keep the temperature down through the day, she said. The average high for this date is 91.

The overnight low will drop to 60, with the high on Thursday climbing to only 82 under mostly sunny skies.

Friday's low drops to 57, with the high climbing to 84. Saturday's low will be 60, with the high reaching 86.

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