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Cleaning out clutter can be an utter joy

April 25, 2004


Spring is right around the corner, and it's just about time to clean the house the way you've always wanted to do.

Linda Cobb, the "Queen of Clean," offers helpful tips on cleaning your closet, your medicine cabinet and your junk drawer.


First, go through your clothes. If something doesn't fit, get rid of it. Don't think twice. Do it!
Storage bags are great for organizing small items, infrequently used clothing such as Halloween costumes, and almost anything in your closet.
A hanging shoe-storage rack is perfect for organizing your shoes. It will keep them off the floor, too.
One of the best ideas is to use large, plastic storage containers. They can hold a lot, can be labeled and can be stacked anywhere in the closet.
Make sure you have the right hanger for the right job -- skirt hangers for skirts, pant hangers for pants, etc. (And if you prefer wood over wire, by all means indulge yourself.)
Be sure to use valuable shelf space to get clutter off the floor. The floor is for feet, not your clothes.


First, clear everything off the shelves.
Never store medication (even though, ironically, it is called a medicine cabinet) in the cabinet. It's too hot and humid for the medication. Cobb suggests storing medication in a sealed container, which is a great way to keep potentially dangerous materials from children as well.
For cleaning glass shelves, use a little white vinegar and water on a soft cloth. Wipe clean. For metal shelves, use a little baking soda and warm water, and wash with a soft cloth.
When you're ready to re-store everything, first get rid of anything that has expired. If it doesn't have a date, get rid of it.
If you can't read the label on something, get rid of it.
Toothbrushes need to be replaced at least every three months.
If you come across two or more bottles with the same medicine inside, never combine them. They may have different expiration dates. Always keep them separate.


Get rid of anything that looks old such as makeup, which does deteriorate.
Use small individual baskets to store products. The baskets make the job of organizing the drawer easier.
Itemize by placing similar products together in containers or baskets.
Clean the drawers with a soft cloth or sponge and a solution of warm water and baking soda.

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