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April 25, 2004


Salt Lake City

Low-carb dieters told to leave restaurant

A couple on a low-carb diet was kicked out of a buffet restaurant after the manager said they'd eaten too much roast beef.

Sui Amaama and Isabelle Leota, who have been on the Atkins diet for two weeks, were asked to leave after Amaama went up to the buffet at the Chuck-A-Rama in suburban Taylorsville for his 12th slice of roast beef.

"It's so embarrassing, actually," Leota said. "We went in to have dinner, we were under the impression Chuck-A-Rama was an all-you-can-eat establishment."

Not so, said Jack Johanson, the restaurant chain's district manager.

"We've never claimed to be an all-you-can-eat establishment," Johanson said. "Our understanding is a buffet is just a style of eating."


Station fined $4,000 for airing Castro prank

A radio station that crank-called Cuban President Fidel Castro and broadcast the recording should be fined $4,000, the Federal Communications Commission said.

The Spanish-speaking hosts of "The Morning High Jinks" used snippets of an earlier prank involving Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to move the call from a receptionist up the chain to Castro in a June 17 broadcast.

The hosts of the show on WXDJ-FM, Joe Ferrero and Enrique Santos, fed pleasantries to Castro before breaking in and calling him an assassin. The conversation ended after Castro denounced the callers with vulgarities.

The FCC concluded Friday that the station should be fined for the broadcast. It rejected the station's claim that a rule requiring people to be notified before their voices are used does not apply to people in Cuba.

Los Angeles

Former sex slave to be deported to Mexico

An immigration judge on Friday ordered the deportation of a Mexican woman who was convicted of conspiring to kill a man who raped and terrorized her for five years after she arrived in the United States as a teenager.

Maria Suarez, who was a permanent U.S. resident, served 22 years in prison before being paroled last year.

Suarez, 43, was seeking to stay in the United States with her ailing mother and eight siblings, all of whom are U.S. citizens, but a federal law requires noncitizens convicted of violent crimes to be deported after their release from prison.

Judge Rose Peters made the decision during a closed hearing at a federal detention facility where Suarez is being held.

Suarez's niece, Patricia Valencia, said her aunt would appeal the decision to the Board of Immigration Appeals.

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