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Hemenway not predicting fate of 5-and-8 rule

April 22, 2004


Kansas University Chancellor Robert Hemenway, head of the NCAA Board of Directors, offers no prediction on the fate of the controversial 5-and-8 rule.

"I don't think it'd be proper to make a prediction. This does puts the 5-and-8 rule in a different context than before," Hemenway said Wednesday, referring to the NCAA Division One Management Council on Monday voting unanimously to repeal the rule that limits colleges to five basketball scholarships in one year, eight over a two-year period.

"Various times the management council has forwarded the 5-and-8 on to us, usually some for and some against. This time is sounds like the management council has made a strong recommendation against it."

The Hemenway-chaired board on April 29 will vote whether to follow the council's recommendation or keep the rule.

"I've always had questions about the rule, concerned about unintended consequences," Hemenway said. "I'm quite aware basketball coaches are not in favor of the rule."

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