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KU announces faculty promotions, awards tenure

April 20, 2004


The Kansas Board of Regents has announced promotions and tenure for Kansas University faculty members.

Lawrence campus

Promoted to full professor: Christopher Allen, electrical engineering and computer science; John Charnes, business; Anthony Corbeill, classics; Christian Crandall, psychology; Patrick Dooley, design; Robert Dunn, chemistry; Mark Ezell, social welfare; Susan Gauch, electrical engineering and computer science; Tom Heilke, political science; Shirley Hill, sociology; Laura Hines, law; Weizhang Huang, mathematics; Shigeru Iwata, economics; Paul Johnson, political science; Brian Laird, chemistry; Paul Laird, music and dance; Pok-Chi Lau, design; Alice Lieberman, social welfare; Stephen Mazza, law; Trung Van Nguyen, chemical and petroleum engineering; Vicky Unruh, Spanish and Portuguese; Erik Van Vleck, mathematics; Glen White, human development and family life.

Promoted to associate professor with tenure: Elizabeth Asiedu, economics; Ruth Ann Atchley, psychology; Bartholomew Dean, anthropology; Jonathan Earle, history; Stephen Egbert, geography; Sherry Fowler, history of art; Manuela Gonzalez-Bueno, teaching and leadership; Richard Hale, aerospace engineering; Douglas Huffman, teaching and leadership; John Kelly, ecology and evolutionary biology; Weishi Liu, mathematics; JoAnn Browning Matamoros, civil, environmental and architectural engineering; Maria Orive, ecology and evolutionary biology; Debora Ortega, social welfare; Robert Parson, civil, environmental and architectural engineering; Bangere Purnaprajna, mathematics; Sandra Quackenbush, molecular biosciences; Paul Rehak, classics; Teresa Robertson, philosophy; Sarah Sawyer, philosophy; Edward Scanlon, social welfare; Susan Scholz, business; Sherrie Tucker, American studies; Andrew Whitford, political science and environmental studies.

Awarded tenure: Shannon Criss, architecture and urban design; Laura Hines, law; Stephen Mazza, law; Roland Seifert, pharmacology and toxicology; John Stratton, university libraries, Regents Center Library.

Promoted to courtesy associate professor: Mark Jakubauskas, geography.

Promoted to librarian II: Michiko Ito, university libraries; Lars Leon, university libraries.

Promoted to associate research professor: Mark Jakubauskas, Kansas Biological Survey; Dale Walker, Life Span Institute.

Promoted to associate scientist: Stephen Egbert, Kansas Remote Sensing Lab.

Promoted to senior scientist: Glen White, Life Span Institute.

Promoted to clinical professor: Joyce Generali, pharmacy practice.

Medical Center

Promoted to full professor: Paul M. Arnold, neurosurgery; Linda M. Frazier, preventive medicine and public health (Wichita); Rajesh Pahwa, neurology; Steven B. Wilkinson, neurosurgery.

Promoted to clinical professor: Donald R. Brada, psychiatry and behavioral sciences (Wichita); Robert S. McKay, anesthesiology (Wichita); David A. McQueen, surgery (Wichita); Dennis F. Moore Jr., internal medicine (Wichita).

Promoted to adjunct professor: James S. Leeder, pharmacology, toxicology and therapeutics.

Promoted to associate professor with tenure: Christopher W. Crenner, history and philosophy of medicine; Patrick M. Moriarty, internal medicine.

Promoted to clinical associate professor: Henry W. Buck, gynecology and obstetrics; Jeanne A. Drisko, gynecology and obstetrics; Timothy J. Harkins, ophthalmology; Thomas A. Moore, internal medicine (Wichita); Ronald Matthew Reese, pediatrics; K. Dean Reeves, rehabilitation medicine volunteer; John B. Terry, internal medicine (Wichita).

Promoted to research associate professor: Giulia A. Bonaminio, family medicine; Cheryl A. Gibson, internal medicine.

Awarded tenure: Scott E. Moser, family and community medicine (Wichita); William J. Nowack, neurology (Wichita).

Hired with immediate tenure: Amanda L. Golbeck, internal medicine (Wichita); Curt H. Hagedorn, internal medicine; Edna K. Hamera, nursing; Martin A. Mainster, ophthalmology; L. Darryl Quarles, internal medicine; Jon P. Schrage, internal medicine (Wichita); Yu-Jui Wan, pharmacology, toxicology and therapeutics.

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