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In the halls

April 20, 2004


What do you do to help save the environment?

Asked at South Park

Christian Smith, junior, Lawrence High School

"I became interested in the Lawrence High Environment Club. I'm active in that to make other people aware that the environment needs help and high schoolers can help it."

Patrick Tyrrell, senior, Lawrence High School

"I recycle and all that stuff. And I'm a vegan, so I don't support factory farms."

Zoey Ramberg, junior, Lawrence High School

"I help the environment by recycling, and I try to reuse stuff rather than throwing it away. I also try to raise awareness in other people."

Meredith Foulke, second-grader, Overbrook Elementary School

"We recycle."

Scott Voigt, third-grader, Wakarusa Valley School


Raine Tebe, third-grader, Schwegler School

"Pick up trash."

Deloris Sanders, fourth-grader, Prairie Park School


Marckus Sanders, fourth-grader, Prairie Park School

"I plant plants with Boy Scouts."

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