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Butt out

April 20, 2004


To the editor:

I can't decide what smells worse, the odor of cigarettes or the odor coming from our City Hall. Again, business is staring at yet another ordinance originated by the socialist commissioners seeking the affirmation of the earth muffin activists.

Why should any aspiring taxpayer, willing to invest personal monies in a business venture, be subject to the whims of a few people who personally do not provide jobs for Lawrence residents? Smoking has social and physical ramifications; same with alcohol, overeating, sunbathing, too much TV and anything else you can think of. Are our commissioners going to regulate these, too?

If business owners want to go smoke-free, then let it be their choice. If employees do not wish to work in a smoking section for whatever reason, then let that be their choice. There are other places they can seek employment that have a smoke-free environment. Many seek employment in the bar/restaurant industry because the money can be good. Why? Because of happy customers!

By choice, I offer a smoke-free work environment. By choice, I can sit in the smoking or nonsmoking section in my restaurant of choice. If I want a smoking section in my business and you do not like my choice, then you have the choice to go elsewhere. Folks, it boils down to choice!

I don't like my choice being dictated by regressive commissioners with personal agendas.

Butt out!

J.R. Neutel,


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