Curious news

To the editor:

I hear that smoking is being banned because, since the smoke affects the people around you, this is not just an issue of personal choice. When you choose to kill an unborn baby, however, this is a private matter.

A deadbeat dad was recently sent to prison for nonpayment of child support because the time for his choice was before having sex, but mothers everywhere get another nine months to choose to kill an unwanted baby rather than support it physically or financially.

When animal rights activists show us pictures of mistreated animals, we wince, but applaud them for bringing the horror to our attention — and the general public is increasingly hesitant to endorse animal testing for nonmedical purposes because of such ads. When shown pictures of aborted babies, however, the media endorse censorship because of the negative emotions they may cause prior to saving lives.

The public is up in arms about misuse of cadavers donated to medical schools, but seems to have missed the news that the skin and organs of unborn babies are marketed as profitable commodities and that this industry is dependent upon legal abortions for supplies.

Kill an unborn baby by knifing his mother and you’re tried for murder. Pay to have an abortionist slice up the child and you’re home free.

Things just get curiouser and curiouser in this land of topsy-turvy.

Charlotte Ostermann,