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Commission to elect new mayor

Agenda highlights ¢ 6:35 p.m. Tuesday ¢ City Hall, Sixth and Massachusetts streets ¢ Sunflower Broadband Channel 25 ¢ Meeting documents online at

April 5, 2004


Bottom line

The Lawrence City Commission will select a new mayor to serve for the next year.


Commissioner Mike Rundle, who was the top vote-getter in the 2003 Lawrence City Commission election, by tradition is expected to become the next mayor.

The job is largely ceremonial, though the mayor gets a $10,000 salary compared with $5,000 for other commissioners. The mayor also runs commission meetings and makes appointments to city advisory boards, though the appointments must receive approval from the entire commission.

Other business


  • Proclaim April as "Parkinson's Disease Awareness Month."
  • Proclaim April 4 to 10 as "Building Safety Week."
  • Proclaim April 12 to 18 as "National Community Development Week."

Consent agenda

  • Approve City Commission meeting minutes from March 30.
  • Receive minutes from various boards and commissions: Public Transit Advisory Committee meeting of March 18; Board of Zoning Appeals meeting of March 4; Historic Resources Commission Action Summary of March 13; Planning Commission meeting of March 17; Board of Electrical Examiners and Appeals meeting of Feb. 4.
  • Approve all claims.
  • Approve drinking establishment licenses for 8th Street Enterprises Inc., doing business as "Limerance," 1520 Wakarusa Drive; Jade Mongolian Barbecue, 1511 W. 23rd St.; Maceli's Inc., 1031 N.H.
  • Approve caterer's license for Maceli's Inc., 1 Riverfront Plaza; Lawrence Arts Center, 940 N.H.
  • Approve appointments as recommended by the mayor: Stuart Boley to the Sister Cities Advisory Board and John Purcell to the Uniform Building Code Board of Appeals.

Bid and purchase items:

  • Approve bid from Conmat for one melting kettle in the amount of $21,126.75 (Special Gas Tax Fund) for the Public Works Department.
  • Approve bid from Sellers Equipment Co. for one jetter/rodder/vacuum truck in the amount of $171,151 (Stormwater Utility Fund) for the Public Works Department.
  • Approve bid from Key Equipment Co. for one vacuum street sweeper in the amount of $160,700 (Special Gas Tax Fund) for the Public Works Department.
  • Authorize the city manager to approve a change order in the amount of $111,262 for additional rock excavation and related expenses for the Riverside Sanitary Sewer Pump Station project.

¢ Adopt on first reading Ordinance No. 7748 adopting the 2002 Edition of the National Electrical Code with local amendments as recommended by the Board of Electrical Examiners on Feb. 4.

Adopt the following resolutions:

  • Resolution No. 6529, authorizing general obligation bond authority for main trafficway improvements for Congressional Drive between West Sixth Street and Overland Drive in the maximum amount of $728,218.
  • Resolution No. 6530, authorizing general obligation bond authority for main trafficway improvements for Overland Drive between Wakarusa Drive and Queens Road in the maximum amount of $1,424,997.
  • Resolution No. 6538, authorizing the mayor to sign the application for the 2004 Emergency Shelter Grant from the city to the state of Kansas.

Accept dedication of easements on the following plats:

  • Final plat for Lake Pointe Addition. This proposed multifamily residential and commercial subdivision contains approximately 29.7261 acres and is north of Clinton Parkway and east 926 feet from Kansas Highway 10. Submitted by Peridian Group Inc., for Lake Pointe Addition LLC, contract purchaser, and Yankee Tank Investors, Yankee Tank Investors L.C., and Alvamar Inc., property owners of record.
  • Final plat for Monterey Subdivision No. 8. This proposed 33-lot residential subdivision contains 11.7 acres and is west of Monterey Way and north of Stetson Drive. Submitted by Landplan Engineering P.A. for Michael D. Stultz, property owner of record.
  • Approve declaration of surplus and found property and establish found property evidence sale; establish Saturday, April 17, as date for auction of items.
  • Authorize the mayor to sign a subordination agreement for Christine Lanier, 1812 Atherton Court.
  • City manager's report.

Regular agenda

  • Receive comments from Mayor David Dunfield.
  • Conduct election of new mayor.
  • Conduct election of vice-mayor.
  • Comments of new mayor and city commissioners.
  • Consider request to reconfigure the Douglas County Economic Development Board to make it more representative of the stakeholders and other economic development organizations.
  • Consider request of Jack Gaumnitz to install a gate in the right-of-way of North 1500 Road.
  • Consider accepting dedication of easements on final plat for Stonegate IV Addition. This proposed 105-lot residential subdivision contains approximately 40.39 acres and is north of Peterson Road and east of Monterey Way (extended). Submitted by Landplan Engineering P.A., for North Stephens L.C., property owners of record.
  • Consider accepting dedication of easements on final plat for Farmland Northwest Addition. This proposed residential and office subdivision contains approximately 53.8931 acres and is south of K-10 Highway and west of O'Connell Road. Submitted by The Peridian Group Inc., for Eastside Acquisitions L.L.C., property owner of record.
  • Receive staff report on Harvard Street Traffic Calming Plan; consider approval of engineering agreement with Bucher, Willis & Ratliff in an amount not to exceed $53,146.07, to be initially paid for from the capital improvement reserve fund, if appropriate.

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