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Colorado reports two deaths during 2003 hunting seasons

April 4, 2004


— Colorado had one of the safest hunting seasons on record in 2003, according to state wildlife officials.

Unfortunately, seven accidents did occur including two deaths, underscoring the importance of taking the basic, essential steps necessary for a safe hunt.

Three of the five non-fatal incidents involved people who had not received hunter education.

Six of last year's incidents occurred while the parties were hunting for big game; the other involved small game hunters.

One of the deaths and four of the injuries were self--inflicted, and the other two involved individuals in the same vehicle or hunting party.

Some of the incidents were the result of illegal behavior, including possession of a loaded firearm in a vehicle or hunting in a careless manner.

Both fatalities occurred during big game hunts. In one instance, an archery hunter fell on one of his broadhead arrows, which cut his femoral artery and caused him to bleed to death.

In the other, a hunter shot a member of his own hunting party with a muzzleloader, apparently mistaking him for an elk.

Authorities said the incident was the result of the hunter failing to identify his target.

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