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Offensive display

April 3, 2004


To the editor:

I recently went into a local store and saw a display selling framed pictures of Jesus and framed pictures of The Last Supper. Above the display was a sign reading "The Cheapest Religion You Can Buy." As a Christian I am greatly offended by this display. I am offended because Christianity is the religion I practice and Jesus Christ is the God I worship. This also offends me because I am certain that if this store had a display depicting Islam or Judaism, and placed the same sign above the pictures, it would not be tolerated and would be labeled as discrimination, because people would be offended, and rightly so!

So why is it that my God can be put in a frame and mocked and no one questions it? Perhaps it is because there are many people who claim to be Christians, but do not demonstrate it in their daily life, people labeled "hypocrites." Even so, there are still many people who take being a Christian more seriously than just going to church every Sunday. Being a Christian means being a follower of Jesus Christ and is not just a religion, but a lifestyle.

I am sure many Lawrence residents have recently viewed "The Passion of the Christ." The entire movie depicts Jesus' death on the cross to cover the sins of humanity. I am not justifying hypocrisy, but let me just ask that if we were already perfect, why did Jesus have to die?

Jaime Hubert,


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