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Deadly serious

April 2, 2004


Americans must face the harsh reality of the current war against terrorism.

The photo on the front page of Thursday's Journal-World showed the charred bodies of two Americans hanging from a bridge over the Euphrates River in Fallujah, Iraq, located west of Baghdad.

Iraqis in Fallujah targeted four American civilians and set their cars on fire. The attackers then pulled the bodies from the fiery wrecks, dragged them through the streets, mutilated them and hung two of them from the bridge.

It was a horrifying situation.

Several Journal-World readers have expressed disgust or anger over the Journal-World's decision to place the photo on the front page. Some even have said they intend to stop reading the J-W. One reader e-mailed: "This decision will most likely turn me away from your paper. In today's society of terror and fear, we do not need money-hungry papers making the problem worse."

The Journal-World will issue no apology for running the picture.

Although many Americans refuse to acknowledge that the United States is engaged in a vicious, deadly war, the fact remains we are at war and the enemy is eager to do anything it can to kill and injure Americans, weaken our government and diminish American influence throughout the world.

Americans must be made to realize this is a totally different kind of war than the United States has been involved in before. Tactics may be different, but the goal is the same -- kill Americans and put Uncle Sam in his place.

It is understandable that many readers didn't want to look at the picture of the burned bodies hanging from the bridge structure. However, this is the type of war terrorists are waging, and they are not going to let up. If they think they could pull off similar acts within the United States, they would try to do so. This illustrates the importance of constant vigilance and implementation of all facets of the federal Patriot Act.

It would be nice if there were no more scenes similar to the car bombing, the mutilation and hanging of charred bodies, but this is a war, and, unfortunately, there are likely to be more ugly, horrible pictures.

How long will it take for a majority of Americans to realize the potential consequences of this war for the nation and its people and to recognize the need to defeat terrorism?

The big question now is how Uncle Sam will react to this grisly attack. The longer there is no retaliation, the more likely terrorists will think Uncle Sam doesn't have the power, will or stomach to strike a deadly blow against those who participated.

This is the wrong message to send to enemies of the United States.

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