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Music appreciation

The Kansas University Marching Jayhawks deserve appreciation — and maybe a few dollars — for the entertainment they provide.

September 10, 2003


While Kansas University's new athletic director is raising money for various salaries and facilities, maybe he can find a few dollars for the KU Marching Jayhawks.

The marching band is such an important part of the atmosphere at KU football games, but the Marching Jayhawks have dwindled in numbers and deserve a little assistance.

At about 150 members, the KU marching band is one of the smallest in the Big 12. That's too bad, considering the strong marching band tradition at KU.

Some observers have speculated that all it would take to increase the band's numbers is to have a winning football season. The enthusiasm fueled by a few Jayhawk wins could help fill Memorial Stadium with both fans and band members.

That may be true, but it's a safe bet that committing a little money to the band also wouldn't hurt. Until a few years ago, members of the marching band received small stipends for their participation, but the payments were dropped. Officials should find a way to reinstate them.

Even if those stipends only provided a little spending money for student band members, it would be a nice way for the athletic department and the university to show their appreciation for the role the band plays.

The Marching Jayhawks have stuck with the KU football team through thick and thin and too often provided the best performance on the field on game day. They deserve some recognition, as well as a few dollars, for their dedicated service.

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