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Defendant in shooting trial says victim pulled gun

September 10, 2003


A Lawrence man facing attempted first-degree murder charges took the stand Tuesday in his own defense.

Antonio Floyd, 20, is accused of shooting a Lawrence woman four times last November inside her home in the 1500 block of Haskell Avenue.

The victim testified Monday that Floyd shot her because she was listed as a witness in a federal drug case against him.

However, Floyd claimed under oath he was acting in self-defense after the victim pulled a gun on him first.

Floyd also said he heard voices, a condition for which he's currently being medicated. During the second day of the trial, defense attorney Ken McRae also put a psychologist on the stand who had examined Floyd several times. The psychologist testified that Floyd told him he was under the influence of PCP and marijuana at the time of the shooting.

Earlier in the day, prosecutors wrapped up their case, with Lawrence police detectives testifying that when they tried to administer a gunshot residue test on Floyd, he began acting strangely.

"He immediately started licking his hands with his tongue and started wiping his hands on his pants," Detective M.T. Brown said.

The defense will continue presenting its case tomorrow in Douglas County District Court.

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