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Volunteers in Wilson track truckers’ stops at adult store

October 23, 2003


— A committee whose main goal is to force an adult entertainment store out of business is taking aim at the truck drivers who pull their rigs off Interstate 70 to patronize the shop.

The group, comprised of people from Wilson and nearby communities, is watching After Dark Video and writing down information about the trucks that park outside the store.

That information is being used to contact trucking companies and let them know what their drivers are doing.

Committee members said several calls already have been made and the response from trucking companies has been positive.

After Dark Video is in a former gasoline station and convenience store building. It sells adult-oriented videotapes, DVDs and other Triple-X rated memorabilia.

The committee is concerned about two mobile homes that sit behind the building, and the private booths inside the store.

The eight booths have locking doors and a light that shows when a booth is occupied. Inside the booths are coin-operated televisions that show X-rated movies.

Committee members are concerned that there are no hand-washing facilities in the store, possibly in violation of health regulations.

One of the group's organizers, former employee Marge Lawson, estimated the store has daily sales of $600 to $800.

The group is forming an alliance with a similar group near Abilene and another that is forming in the Brookville-Tescott area. Both sites have adult entertainment shops along I-70.

The main difference between the three stores is that the one near Wilson has the booths and the others do not.

Members of the Wilson group are considering posting warning signs near After Dark Video to let potential customers know that they are being watched, and any truckers who stop there will be reported.

Opponents of the store said they don't want to get drivers into trouble. They just want them to stay away.

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