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Victims testify against silicone-gel implants

October 15, 2003


— Women pleaded with the government on Tuesday to continue a ban on most silicone gel breast implants, telling of years of pain and suffering they blame on leaking devices.

As many as 46 percent of women who get silicone-gel breast implants need surgery within three years, research indicates.

Manufacturer Inamed Corp. argues that implants filled with silicone gel are comparable to today's only option, those filled with salt water -- which frequently require more surgery, too.

That doesn't justify letting routine sales of silicone implants resume, a line of women told advisers to the Food and Drug Administration.

"I live in pain every day," said Sherry Henderson of Louisiana, who had her silicone implants removed and cites a litany of diseases including, lupus and chronic fatigue.

FDA's advisers will issue recommendations today.

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