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Travelers lost in Wichita end up in rural Baldwin

October 15, 2003


— Two 76-year-old women, who apparently got lost Monday in the Wichita area, ended up Tuesday at a rural Baldwin residence seeking help, according to the Douglas County Sheriff's Office.

Officers were still talking to the women late Tuesday and details were sketchy, but the women were in good health, Lt. Ken Massey said.

"They just got lost," Massey said.

The women were traveling in a car, saw the lights at the residence about 9:15 p.m., and stopped to seek help.

Officers were to take the women back to Wichita overnight, Massey said. Their car was to be left at the Baldwin residence for now, he said.

It was unclear whether the women were related, where they wanted to go and how they ended up in Douglas County, Massey said.

Officers checked with Wichita Police and discovered the women had been reported missing Monday, Massey said. Their names weren't released.

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