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Woodling whacked by 95 contestants

October 6, 2003


Thanks to wins by Baylor and Texas, Journal-World sports editor Chuck Woodling had another two-loss week in last week's Wanna Whack Woodling contest at and lost to 95 contestants.

Three entries went 6-0, and another 92 participants went 5-1, topping Woodling's 4-2 mark. Woodling was tied by 131 entries.

Todd Conner of Kansas City, Mo., won the tiebreaker by picking Texas as a 28-26 winner over Kansas State. Conner will receive a We Whacked Woodling T-shirt for his victory.

Michael Clark and Richard Ramirez, both of Topeka, also went undefeated.

Be sure to log on to Wednesday for another chance to whack Woodling.

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