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Photo captures emotion of celebratory moment

November 23, 2003


Photographer: Richard Gwin

Camera: D1H

Lens: 230mm

ISO: 320

Shutter: 1/800

Aperture: 5.6

Sports pictures are sometimes the hardest to shoot because you're trying to catch both emotion and action at the same time.

This assignment sent me to Columbia, Mo., last Sunday to cover the Kansas University women's soccer team. The lighting was OK, but the late afternoon sun was coming across the field at a low angle, causing flair if one were to shoot looking into it. I decided to stand with the sun at my back, shooting with a quick shutter speed.

KU drove to its first goal, and I got some nice pictures, but everyone was looking toward the bench. There were no faces to convey reaction.

The team drove and scored again with nearly two minutes left. I shot a burst of frames looking at the person who scored the goal. Adding to the emotion of the shot were fellow team members celebrating with the player.

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