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Parade pop quiz

Area fifth-graders offer tips to find decorated Jayhawks

November 11, 2003


If you haven't checked out Jayhawks on Parade in Lawrence, there's still time.

Susan Henderson, marketing manager with Lawrence Convention and Visitors Bureau, said most of the decorated Jayhawks, part of the Lawrence scene since April, will be taken down by the end of the month.

Students in Marcia Riley's fifth-grade class at Williamstown School in the Perry school district provided clues on eight of their favorite Jayhawks to test your parade knowledge. The answers to the clues appear in the lower right corner of this page.

Jayhawk No. 1

I'm a hawk of color. I'm so sparkly that you would cover your eyes. I have all kinds of jewels on my tail. It says "arts" on me with stained glass. I have all kinds of colors of stained glass on me. I have swirls of color on my neck. Wouldn't you like to be me? -- Michaela Gimzo

I am a flashy hawk. I cannot fly, but I can hover. I have flashy diamonds. I have flashy feathers. My beak is made of glass tiles. I have "arts" spelled on my chest made of tiles, and if I'm a female then I'm called a peahen. -- Chris Wood

Jayhawk No. 2

I am a hawk of the country. I have the freshest milk. I can give you a yummy cheeseburger. I'm benefiting Shelter Inc. When people look at me they lick their chops. I have black and white spots. -- Keegan Rupple

I am a hawk that is fat. I have a bell around my neck, and with this bell you can ring it and I will give you something to drink. I have flies bothering me all the time. I will use this thing that looks like a rope behind me to whack the flies. I will whack you too if you take my bell again. I usually get thrown out of concerts because if you can't hear me correctly it sounds like I'm saying "boo!" So I just stay in the little red house waiting for you to guess who I am. -- Taylor Korth

Jayhawk A

Jayhawk A

Jayhawk No. 3

I am a mad hawk. I am a mad, fearless Jayhawk. I have two swords ready for fight. "If anybody or army comes after me I will defeat them with a single touch of my finger." I am totally bronze. I am proud to fight evil. -- Dylan Turpin

I am a hawk with a rifle. I can help free slaves. I am a hawk with a heart. I have wild hair. I am different than all the other Hawks. I have a beard. I say, "I'll kill for the slaves." -- Drew Sorrick

I have a rifle in one hand and a Bible in the other and a pistol in a holder on my waist. I have a brown jacket on. I hate slavery. -- Cody Kukuk

I have a rifle in one hand and a Bible in the other. I helped strive for my freedom. The color of my clothes match my last name. I'm wearing a belt to hold things. I am saying "freedom rings." -- Joe Morris

Jayhawk B

Jayhawk B

I am a hawk of freedom. I am brown and smart. I hold a special book in my hand and weapon in my other. The state of Kansas should be free! I show my pride, and I have courage. I will defeat the bushwhacker and save Kansas. I'll stare down all of the bushwhacker -- until I defeat them. The law should not let us buy or sell slaves in fact there should be no slaves! Kansas will be free. -- Tyler Williams

Jayhawk No. 4

I'm off to see the wizard. My friends are Toto, Dorothy, Lion, Scarecrow and Tinman. I'd better be careful or the wicked witch of the west might catch me. -- Cody Smock

I am a hawk of happiness, follow my yellow brick road. My slippers are red, I mean ruby red. I have lion fur on me. I scare all those scarecrows out there. I have the prettiest tin suit in the world. -- Paige Rothwell

Jayhawk C

Jayhawk C

I am meant to be in the Wizard of Oz. I have a glittery oil funnel on my head. I have a bright yellow brick road beak. I have eyes like the Emerald City. I have thick fur on my neck and gray tin all over my body. I have a heart that proudly says "KU." I have rough hay all over my tail and legs. I would say "follow the yellow brick road." I love the Wizard of Oz. -- Sarah Haley

I'm a Hawk of movie stars. My beak is so beautiful; don't walk on it. I keep warm in the winter because of my coat. I have hay on my eyelashes and ankles too. I'm safe in this metal suit. No one can hurt me. I'm just the prettiest bird. -- Baylee Kilburn

Jayhawk No. 5

I am a hawk of pieces. I am the most daring puzzle. You can try but you won't figure me out. I might be glued together, but I feel good. Na na na na. I helped the team practice, and it broke me into a bit of a hawk. But I still rock chalk my Jayhawks. I am a majestic mascot. -- Kerry Neil

Jayhawk D

Jayhawk D

I am as hard as a rock. I look like the original Jayhawk. My colors are blue, red, yellow. I am about 3 feet high. My saying is, "Look, Ma, I am going to pieces." I am in front of the Jayhawk Bookstore. -- Jody Guy

Jayhawk No. 6

I'm a piece of art. I'm covered in notes, instruments and plays. I wear a beret. I spilt some paint on my beak and my boots.

-- Trevor Benedict

Jayhawk E

Jayhawk E

I am a hawk of music. I have a guitar on me and a beret. I have a bunch of bowls on me. I have a bunch of signs on me. I have a bunch of colors on me. And I am in North Lawrence. -- Dalton Holl

Jayhawk No. 7

I am in PJs. I have big eyes. I am light blue. I have big feet. I have a long tail. I have a long beak. -- Skyler McMillin

Jayhawk No. 8

Jayhawk F

Jayhawk F

I am a hawk that has scales. I love surfing and swimming. Water feels good every day. I am like a fish. I have a fishy attitude. -- Taylor Ricely

I am a hawk of the ocean, and I am very colorful. I live in the water and swim with the fish. I have shells on my chest and have a lot of texture. I have scales, and half of me looks like a bird and the other half looks like a fish. -- Tyler Bedford

Jayhawk H

Jayhawk H

Jayhawk G

Jayhawk G

Jayhawk No. 1 -- F, "Peacock on Parade," Lawrence Arts Center, 940 N.H.Jayhawk No. 2 -- G, "Jayhawk as a Cow on Parade," 800 block of Massachusetts Street.Jayhawk No. 3 -- E, "John Brown Hawk," Lawrence Journal-World, 600 block of Massachusetts Street.Jayhawk No. 4 -- D, "Lions and Tigers and Hawks, Oh My," Hilltop Child Development Center, 1605 Irving Hill Road.Jayhawk No. 5 -- H, "Bit O'Hawk," Jayhawk Bookstore, 1420 Crescent Road.Jayhawk No. 6 -- A, "Hawk of the Arts," Lawrence Visitor Center, 402 N. Second St.Jayhawk No. 7 -- C, "Mascot Miro," Jayhawk Bookstore, 1420 Crescent Road.Jayhawk No. 8 -- B, "Merhawk on the Kaw," Jayhawk Bookstore, 1420 Crescent Road.

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