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On the record

November 11, 2003


Law enforcement report

Emergency calls

Because of computer problems, Lawrence-Douglas County Fire & Medical could not report any emergency calls Monday.

Douglas County

District Court

Marriage licenses issued

Jason Christopher Hohman, 28, Lawrence, and Jenny Ranae Schierbaum, 24, Lawrence.

Maqsood Alam Baloch, 23, Topeka, and Amanda Rene Revell Zimmerman, 18, Topeka.

Justin Lee Hamm, 26, Lawrence, and Jamie J. Grant, 22, Lawrence.

Jeremy Wayne Auman, 32, Lawrence, and Karoline Katherine Carver, 30, Lawrence.

Jarret Walter Pruitt, 26, Tonganoxie, and Rebecca Diane Davis, 25, Tonganoxie.

Jeremi David Lewis, 26, Lawrence, and Rebecca Anne Buford, 27, Lawrence.

Michael Longfellow, 29, Manchester, Mo., Jody O. Groton, 29, Lawrence.

Jed L. Carpenter, 49, Lawrence, and Virginia Carpenter, 41, Lawrence.

Kristopher Allen Gourd, 30, Lawrence, and Sheri Ann Denny, 28, Lawrence.

Christopher J. Johnson, 24, Lawrence, and Mary C. Collingsworth II, 17, Lawrence.

Jeffrey Scott Steinkamp, 39, Lawrence, and Mary Mamie Hedrick, 32, Baldwin.

Gabriel C. Anderson, 24, Lawrence, and Katherine M. Shaw, 23, Lawrence.

Lucas Adam Margritz, 23, Lawrence, and Neiva Jean Uncapher, 25, Lawrence.

Jeremy S. Winter, 26, Eudora, and Virginia L. Ramseyer, 23, Eudora.

Patrick Michael Romero, 33, Lawrence, and Fredina Lynn Drye, 32, Lawrence.

Matthew Mikel, 32, Lawrence, and Rachel M. Chronister, 27, Eudora.

Eric Quisenberry, 24, Eudora, and Rachel N. Murry, 22, Eudora.

Shane Snyder Murray, 31, Lawrence, and Cortney Jeremy Jessop, 29, Lawrence.

David White, 48, Perry, and Susan J. Roush, 42, Perry.

Rafael Gonzalez Abrante, 28, Lawrence, and Kate Frances Cronemeyer, 23, Lawrence.

Jason Riley, 27, Tonganoxie, and Sheldon Bradley, 26, Tonganoxie.

Nathan Walts, 27, Lawrence, and Briana N. Kems, 25, Lawrence.

Jonathan R. Hiatt, 22, Tonganoxie, and Stephanie A. Williams, 25, Tonganoxie.

Jesse D. Borjon, 28, Topeka, and Stacie M. Frain, 26, Lawrence.

Nathan W. Brinson, 25, Lawrence, and Shawna K. Wright, 25, Lawrence.

Matthew W. Waters, 25, Lawrence, and Brooke A. Saulnier, 27, Lawrence.

Ron Williams, 44, Eudora, and Laura Vanalstine, 39, Lawrence.

Thomas Thorp, 23, Lawrence, and Kristen Cantrell, 22, Lawrence.

Grant Martin, 29, Eudora, and Ginger Blevins, 28, Prairie Village.

Joseph Braun, 19, Lawrence, and Rebecca Williams, 20, Lawrence.

Daniel Shinnick, 33, Lawrence, and Donna Park, 49, Lawrence.

Garrett Ashley Cutler, 24, Lawrence, and Lindsey Lee Gross, 24, Lawrence.

Nathaniel Lee Merrill, 29, Lawrence, and Leaa Marie Glendening, 23, Lawrence.

Darren P. Williams, 25, Eudora, and Melinda K. Higgins, 22, Eudora.

Aaron Lathrom, 34, Eudora, and Jeanene Hamilton, 35, Eudora.

Brian Feltz, 35, Lawrence, and Mary Gillaspie, 40, Lawrence.

John Herron, 25, Ottawa, and Jewelyn King, 24, Ottawa.

Christian Jankowski, 26, Lawrence, and Kim Tran, 28, Lawrence.

Matthew T. Pool, 27, Lawrence, and Audrey L. Cale, 20, Lawrence.

Andrew J. Drummond, 36, Lawrence, and Deanna J. Morris, 27, Lawrence.

Rick G. Harrell, 51, Carbondale, and Bonnie E. Thorne, 47, Carbondale.

Dennis Ray Brock, 28, Linwood, and Lisa Marie Folk, 24, Linwood.

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