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Role models

November 1, 2003


To the editor:

I recently read the article in the Journal-World regarding the parent of a junior high athlete who was escorted from the football game area because of alleged "profanity" toward the officials.

I have come to realize that everything I read in print is not always the whole truth. However, in this case, I would venture to say the press was accurate. I would like to applaud the school management for taking action. I am quite sure that game management and the resource officer approached the father and asked him to refrain from further vocal tirades toward the officials, prior to ejection.

What has that father just taught his son? Get angry if things don't go your way? Place blame on others? To heck with sportsmanship! Win at all costs! Unfortunately, this is becoming a more common occurrence at sporting events, and everyone suffers; Mom and Dad, the family, the school, the officials, the media and law enforcement. Parents are supposed to be role models 24 hours a day, not just at home or on the job. It is great that this father was able to attend the game and cheer for his son and the team. However, the bigger picture should be support for his son and the team. He should be able to look at his son and say, "Son, you played your best and that is something to be proud of. Win or lose, you are my son and I am proud of you!" That is what makes a role model.

Ken Phipps,


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