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Wittig defense

May 24, 2003


To the editor:

These past days have brought another barrage of reports about Westar that continue to paint David Wittig in a one-dimensional light. Of all the reporters, is there no one who found anything good to report about the man? How about researching the myriad other corporations that had their stock prices slide during the past three years and that had to lay off employees? How do they compare to Westar?

Are there any utilities that acquired other corporations that operate in the red? Do any other CEOs have lavish offices? Did they spend their own money to refurbish a Kansas landmark mansion? Where are Wittig's friends who benefited from doing business with Westar? Is anyone out there ready to speak up about the good characteristics of Wittig?

For all I know, Wittig has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars toward student scholarships. Not with Westar, but his own money. He and his family have spent many hours at charitable events and given large amounts of money to their Topeka community. Under Wittig, Westar won an award from the Mayor's Diversity Council for treating its diverse work force well. Does this count for anything?

The man has not been found guilty of anything, yet. Did you report that the first judge had to excuse himself from the proceedings? Why not lay off and let the truth come out through the courts? Enough of the sensationalizing.

We have soldiers and civilians dying in combat. Spend your time to focus on these and help us to bring about peace!

Renate R. Mai-Dalton,


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