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Regents approve tenure, promotions at KU

May 21, 2003


The Kansas Board of Regents has approved promotions and tenure for faculty, librarians, curators and researchers at Kansas University's Lawrence, Wichita, and Kansas City, Kan., campuses.

Those promoted to full professor at the Lawrence campus and their departments are Danny Anderson, Spanish and Portuguese; Alice Bean, physics and astronomy; Monica Biernat, psychology; Walter Clark, music and dance; Michael Ettredge, business; Siyuan Han, physics and astronomy; Anita Herzfeld, Latin American studies; Christopher Johnson, music and dance; Cynthia Larive, chemistry; Judith McCrea, art; Richard Prum, ecology and evolutionary biology; Christian Schoneich, pharmaceutical chemistry; Val Smith, environmental studies/ecology and evolutionary biology; Rodolfo Torres, mathematics; Peter Ukpokodu, African and African-American studies; and Judy Wu, physics and astronomy.

Those promoted to associate professor with tenure are Christopher Anderson, business; Paul Atchley, psychology; Matthew Buechner, molecular biosciences; Byron Caminero-Santangelo, English; Kathryn Conrad, English; James Daugherty, music and dance; Donald Haider-Markel, political science; Eric Hanley, sociology; Tanya Hartman, art; Stephen Ilardi, psychology; Stephen Kapp, social welfare; Melinda Lacy, pharmacy practice; Shane Lopez, psychology and research in education; Jeffrey Moran, history; Cornel Pewewardy, teaching and leadership; Theresa Shireman, pharmacy practice; and Hong-Guo Xu, mathematics.

Antha Cotten-Spreckelmeyer, humanities and Western civilization, was promoted to associate specialist. Richard Prum, Natural History Museum, was promoted to senior curator.

The following from the Lawrence campus were awarded tenure: David Andrews, electrical engineering and computer science; James Ellis, teaching and leadership; Mark Joslyn, political science; and Lyn Wolz, university libraries.

Those promoted to full professor at the KU Medical Center are Helen Connors, nursing; Dianne Durham, otolaryngology and head neck surgery; Douglas A. Girod, otolaryngology and head neck surgery; Steven M. Levine, molecular and integrative physiology; Joan McDowd, occupational therapy; John S. Neuberger, preventive medicine and public health; Kenneth R. Peterson, biochemistry and molecular biology; Edward B. Stephens, anatomy and cell biology; Ossama W. Tawfik, pathology and laboratory medicine; Robert R. Wittler, pediatrics (Wichita)

David Pinson, pathology and laboratory medicine, was promoted to clinical professor.

Those promoted to associate professor with tenure are Matthew S. Mayo, preventive medicine and public health; Martha M. Montello, history and philosophy of medicine; Warren B. Nothnick, obstetrics and gynecology; Debra Sullivan, dietetics/nutrition; Kimberly J. Templeton, surgery, and Douglas E. Wright, anatomy and cell biology.

Those promoted to associate professor (nontenure track) are Sharon E. Cain, psychiatry and behavioral sciences; Dean M. Reker, health policy and management; Grace H. Shih, anesthesiology, and Scott W. Roberts, obstetrics and gynecology (Wichita).

Those promoted to clinical associate professor are Mary C. Boyce family and community medicine (Wichita); Ronald C. Brown, family and community medicine (Wichita); Bruce R. Buhr, surgery (Wichita); Sally A. Frutiger, neurology; Kore K. Liow, internal medicine (Wichita), and Gregory M. Thomas, family and community medicine (Wichita).

Those promoted to associate professor are Shilpa J. Buch, microbiology, molecular genetics and immunology; Robin L. Maser, biochemistry and molecular biology, and Marilyn S. Smith, molecular genetics and immunology.

Edward F. Ellerbeck, preventive medicine and public health, was awarded tenure.

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