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6News video: The Screen Scene

May 17, 2003


After four years of parodies and ripoffs, fans of "The Matrix" can finally experience the official sequel. And the wait was worth it .. sort of. "The Matrix Reloaded" finds Keanu Reeves and cohorts again trying to rid humanity of the mechanical oppressors that have deceived them via a false reality.

Visually, "Reloaded" triumphs, with martial arts duels and freeway chase scenes that are spectacular in their design. But it's often a chore to reach these adrenaline moments -- the movie takes its philosophical ramblings quite seriously, piling on cryptic layers of speeches and lectures.

Facing the unenviable task of taking on "The Matrix" at the box office is "Down With Love." Ewan McGregor and Renee Zellweger headline this homage to the Rock Hudson/Doris Day vehicles of the early '60s. The colorful comedy succeeds in both emulating and revamping the taboos of that cinematic era.

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