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Self approves of rules changes

New KU coach says he’d like former Williams-aide Miller to remain

May 7, 2003


It's going to be harder for college basketball players to nail three-pointers next season.

That's OK with Kansas University coach Bill Self, who applauds the NCAA rules committee for recommending moving the three-point stripe from 19 feet, 9 inches to 20 feet, 6 1/4.

"I think moving it is good. The game has evolved to the point people are relying on the three-point shot even too much," Self said Tuesday. "Pushing it back may help create more of an in-between game, even though the arc isn't being extended that much."

The rules committee, which is headed by former KU coach Roy Williams, also recommended extending the lane to what will be referred to as a "trapezoid lane."

The new rule widens the lane at the baseline by approximately 3 feet, 11 inches on either side. The new lane lines would run from that point on each baseline to the intersection of the free-throw and lane lines.

At its baseline the trapezoid lane's width is 6.0 meters, or 19 feet, 83¼4 inches. The current rectangular lane is 12 feet wide.

"I've never been a fan of the trapezoid," Self said. "A lot of people say it will clean rough play. The way I see it, teams will play dead behind and push out."

The NCAA is expected to approve both changes next month.


Staff not complete yet: Self told the Journal-World in an interview Tuesday KU's coaching staff should be complete in "the next couple of weeks."

He still needs to hire one full-time assistant and an administrative assistant to join the staff of Self, Norm Roberts and Tim Jankovich.

"Anything I'd say is I'd like to solidify what we have here. I would love to be able to hire somebody with past KU ties, be it a former player or past coach," said Self, aware former Jayhawks such as Danny Manning, Kevin Pritchard and Rex Walters have been mentioned, along with Williams' aide Ben Miller.

"Our options are not limited by any means. Certainly there are numerous people that would provide a great tie to the past," Self said.

Self has been impressed with Miller, who worked for Williams at KU in some capacity the last 10 years.

"I'd really like him to stay, absolutely," Self said. "Hopefully that'll come to a head real soon. I really want him to stay."

Self said he "needs to get a better feel for people's strengths and weaknesses," before assigning exact duties to members of his staff.


Logistics of move: Self said his wife and two children, who are finishing the school year in Champaign, Ill., visited him last weekend and had a chance to do some initial house-hunting. He's temporarily staying in an apartment.

"We don't have a timeline in getting them here," Self said. "The kids need to get out of school first. We're looking at mid-June (to be moved into a house). There are some beautiful places here, that's for sure."

Of his immediate plans, he said: "With Mother's Day weekend coming up, I totally anticipate going back (to Illinois) this weekend."


Camp won't be affected: Self will take over what was formerly known as Roy Williams' Kansas basketball camp this summer. At this time, all three sessions of the camp are full.

"It's exactly the way coach Williams ran it," Self said.


Price hired at Illinois: Former KU basketball manager Jay Price, who has worked as an assistant at Purdue the last 10 years, will join Bruce Weber's staff at Illinois. Former Southern Illinois point guard Chris Lowery also will join the staff along with Self-staff holdover Wayne McClain of Peoria, Ill.

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