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Web site offers tips for kids on the run

March 30, 2003


It's that time again when the snow is finally melting, the flowers are blooming and children are outside running.

Running is a great form of exercise. However, parents and their children need to pursue this activity in a healthy manner, whether just playing around or participating or training for competitive road races.

Carol Goodrow, a special-education teacher and avid runner, created Kids Running to share her passion and wealth of knowledge about the sport with children. A partnership with the well-respected publication Runner's World, the Kids Running Web site,, offers a abundance of tips, guidance and information to promote health and fitness for children through this sport.

Look and Feel: is designed to please a wide range of people of all ages. The content is well-organized, with the main categories of information listed on a side bar (accompanied by a direct link to the respective pages). Visitors are able to scroll down the home page to quickly access a whole host of fun tips, interesting columns by guest writers and other entertaining articles pertaining to running. Additionally, there is a section that provides more information and background on the founder of, as well as a direct e-mail address to ask any questions or send in comments and feedback.

A quick tour: One of the most logical places to start your tour is the link that serves up answers to the most commonly asked questions posed by visitors. Here you will find the answers to such popular queries as how old your child should be to start running, when your child can run a 5K, and how to plan a fun run or town 5K in your community.

This question/answer area of also features articles and literary contributions from elite runners, who give inspirational stories and advice for children and their families.

Another section of Kids gives a rundown on various training activities, tips for steering children toward more healthy and energy-filled foods and other important fitness and nutritional advice. For teachers and educators, there is content that links curriculum and other academic pursuits such as math and reading to running.

A large portion of the site is dedicated solely to children.

Funding: is supported by its partnership with Runner's World as well as the sale of various running-related items to online visitors.

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