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March 30, 2003


To the editor:

After consideration of the upcoming bond issue, we wish to offer our unanimous support of the measure and the Lawrence school board's action in putting this measure before the voters. We realize that this is a difficult financial time for all of us, yet we believe now is the time that our schools and our children need our support most.

In looking at the issues, it is clear that the benefit of the bond will be spread across the community. Much will go to schools and areas east of Iowa Street. This bond looks to the future and our ability to provide the quality of education one would expect from Lawrence schools without additional sacrifices. It maximizes our staffing resources, protects core academic programs, and addresses the issue of facilities that provide the flexibility needed for the education of all of our children.

The cost of this bond is a minimal increase in taxation, an additional $5.70 per month on each $100,000 of a home's appraised value. Of course, during any financially strapped time, it is difficult to look at a tax increase as a savings, but failure to pass this bond now will result in increased costs later. Interest rates are low. Construction costs will only increase.

It is our hope that the community will see this $59 million bond issue as our school board has seen it, an opportunity to give our children high quality educational services in adequate facilities at what really is a small price to pay.

Matthew Fearing

and Kirk Wiesner, co-chairs,

Southwest Junior High

School Site Council

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