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Owners should consider buying plenty of insurance

March 30, 2003


Do owners of an in-ground swimming pool need extra liability insurance? If so, how much, and what are some options? I've had an umbrella policy for years, but now teenage drivers in the family are making that costly. Are there ways to insure against the liability of only the pool?

It's probably a prudent thing to purchase additional liability insurance for your swimming pool, says Justin Glover, spokesperson for the Florida Department of Financial Services, which regulates insurance companies and agents.

"We advise consumers to talk with their agents about getting additional liability coverage. You do have increased exposure."

Most standard policies will have about $300,000 in liability coverage. Check your policy to see what your limit is, and if you feel that you need more coverage, talk with your insurance agent. The agent can quote prices for additional coverage, and you can decide what you can afford. Prices will vary by company.

As for insuring against the liability of only the pool, such a policy is not sold in the standard market, Glover says.

If you have additional concerns about insurance, you can contact the department's toll-free hotline at 1-800-342-2762.

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