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Opposing view

March 30, 2003


To the editor:

This letter responds directly to the "Bond support" letter, published Friday and written by Chuck Warner and Judy Wright, the co-chairs of the "Vote 'Yes' for Lawrence Kids" group.

First, the bond does nothing directly to improve education. It's $59 million for bricks and mortar, not books and mortar.

Second, in an Orwellian twist, the pro-bond leaders state that passing this bond will lead to "better neighborhoods." Ask the East Heights residents, the Riverside residents, and the Centennial residents if closing schools will strengthen their neighborhoods.

Third, they state, "New construction will create jobs, which will aid the economy." For the first time, the bond proponents acknowledge this is about development as much as about education. And this becomes a public works project.

Fourth, they want to borrow money now because there will be no better time. Interest rates are staying low, and it will cost a lot less to borrow $25-30 million for a slimmed down bond in a year or so.

Finally, they argue that DLR, the board's outside consulting firm, is not the enemy. No one has made such a claim. But DLR's solutions to our educational concerns focus solely on construction. Should we be surprised that architectural consultants recommend lots of projects that will land them fat fees?

Lawrence can do better. On April 1, vote "no" for kids, for families, and for neighborhoods on April 1.

Burdett Loomis, chair,

James Hilliard, treasurer,

Putting Kids First Steering Committee

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