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Agenda set?

March 30, 2003


To the editor:

As a former mayor and city commissioner, I know Lawrence is a very diverse community. Because of that, I have been disappointed in some of the candidates' attitudes during this election season. Because this race is held city-wide, I feel an effort should be made to represent all citizens. When a candidate does not take time to listen to others' points of view and engage in a dialogue, they give the impression there is no interest in truly listening or responding to the citizens once they are elected. This was evidenced most recently by the lack of attendance at the Manufacturers, Technology and Agribusiness forum held last week.

I have a concern that the agenda for three candidates, who are running as a slate backed by the "PLC," has been set. Their three votes ensure that certain platform items -- such as placing caveats on recruitment of quality companies such as Serologicals and imposing a living wage ordinance -- come to fruition. In my opinion, pre-determined agendas, regardless from where they originate, are detrimental to a fair, open and responsive city government.

I encourage you to think independently and exercise your opinions through your vote on April 1.

Bonnie Lowe,


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