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Kansas troops continue to mobilize

March 27, 2003


The number of Kansas members of national guard and reserve units that have been mobilized increased by 52, or about 2 percent, during the week ended Wednesday, according to data from the U.S. Department of Defense.

The new total from Kansas units was 2,546.

Nationally, nearly 217,000 reserve and guard troops had been called, up from about 213,000 a week ago.

The Kansas total included 985 members of the Army National Guard, 1,244 in the Army Reserve, 268 in the Air National Guard, 31 in the Marine Corps Reserve and 18 in the Air Force Reserve.

Here's a look at Kansas units that have been mobilized, by branch.

Each listing includes the unit, location, and number of personnel, according to the Defense Department.

Air Force Reserve

931st Air Refueling Group, McConnell AFB, 18.

Air National Guard

184th Bomb Wing, McConnell AFB, 169.

190th Air Refueling Wing, Forbes Field, 99.

Army National Guard

226th Engineer Co., Augusta, 143.

0731 Transportation Co. Medical, Dodge City, 45.

35th Infantry Division, Fort Leavenworth, 167.

1st Battalion 161st Field Artillery Battery A, Garden City, 65.

35th Infantry Division Artillery, Hutchinson, 67.

137th Transportation Co., Olathe, 81.

0235 Regiment Rti HQ Fwd, Salina, 3.

1st Battalion 108th Aviation, Topeka, 62.

24th Medical Co., Topeka, 9.

1st Battalion 108th Aviation, Topeka, 27.

1st Battalion 108th Aviation, Topeka, 62.

102nd Military History Detachment, Topeka, 3.

35th Military Police Co., Topeka, 38.

State Area Command Kansas Army National Guard HQ, Topeka, 1.

1st Battalion 161st Field Artillery Battery C, Wichita, 109.

1st Battalion 161st Field Artillery, Wichita, 110.

1st Battalion 161st Field Artillery HHB, Wichita, 25.

Army Reserve

323rd Engineer Detachment, El Dorado, 20.

383rd Dt Tm 2nd Bn Aug Ts Cscss, Fort Leavenworth, 90.

HHC 5th Brigade 75th Division, Fort Riley, 15.

482nd Engineer Platoon, Fort Riley, 18.

467th Engineer Plt, Garden City, 16.

388th Medical Logistics Battalion Detachment 4, Hays, 76

388th Medical Logistics Battalion Detachment 5, Hays, 24.

346th Military Police Co., Hutchinson, 144.

383 Detachment Tm 3rd Battalion Aug Ts Cscss, Kansas City, Kan., 102.

326th Area Support Group, Detachment 1, Kansas City, Kan. 1.

3430 Army Military Intelligence Detachment, Lawrence, 9.

378th Transportation Company Movement Control, Manhattan, 16.

607th Transportation Team Movement Control, Manhattan, 16.

32nd Transportation Company Detachment, Movement Control, Manhattan, 8.

531st Transportation Detachment, Manhattan, 6.

541st Transportation Detachment, Manhattan, 8.

312th Transportation Detachment, Manhattan, 13.

339th Transportation Detachment, Manhattan, 16.

625th Transportation Detachment Movement Control, Manhattan, 15.

535th Transportation Detachment, Manhattan, 14.

531st Movement Control Team, Manhattan, 7.

330th Transportation Detachment, Manhattan, 11.

450th Transportation Battalion Detachment 1, Manhattan, 9.

450th Transportation Battalion Detachment 2, Manhattan, 38.

450th Transportation Battalion Detachment 3, Manhattan, 4.

129th Transportation Co., Olathe, 299.

425th Transportation Co. Medium Truck Detachment 1, Salina, 18.

425th Transportation Co., Salina, 166.

4204 USAH Detachment 8, Topeka, 1.

487th Engineer Detachment, Washington, Kan., 18.

Detachment 2 Team 38 Legal Service Office, Wichita, 7.

3405 Military Intelligence Detachment, Wichita, 5.

89th Regional Support Command Detachment 1, Wichita, 34.

Marine Corps Reserve

Platoon, Ammunition Company, 4th Supply Battalion, Topeka, Marine Corps Reserve, 8.

Peacetime Wartime Support Team, Topeka, Marine Corps Reserve, 6.

Electronics Maintenance Company Detachment A 4th Maintenance Battalion, Wichita, Marine Corps Reserve, 17.

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