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Unfair, lies

March 22, 2003


To the editor:

I should like to respond to the "love it or leave" letter by Alan Cobb (Public Forum, Tuesday). I find it dismaying that anyone, no matter how badly informed, would call peace protesters "cowards and traitors." They have tried to prevent a war, not start one. They have tried to save lives, including those of Mr. Cobb's children and his friends.

I have a daughter who risked her life in the Gulf War and who may be called up again. She won a bronze star for her part in the invasion of Kuwait and Iraq. Now we are about to attack again with far more danger, not to mention the possible loss of many brave American servicemen and women. And should we have no concern for the thousands of innocent civilian lives lost in our "shock and awe" attack?

I sincerely want to thank the peace protesters for their efforts to avoid another war. It is neither true nor fair to call them "cowards and traitors." Nor do I think it is helpful to suggest that some may be led by a blind hatred of President Bush (Journal-World editorial, Wednesday). We need more tolerance and unity from both sides now that an attack is underway.

Harold Piehler,


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