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Some clothing essentials are vital in any woman’s wardrobe

March 16, 2003


There are almost as many body types in the world as there are people, says full-figured model Emme, and for each of those shapes there are flattering clothes.

"I encourage diversity. I encourage talking about diversity. Could you imagine if all the flowers in the world were daisies?" she asks.

That said, the designer of the Emme Collection and television host of "Fashion Emergency," offers a checklist of the garments every woman should have in her closet. It appears in the new book "Life's Little Emergencies: Everyday Rescue for Beauty, Fashion, Relationships, and Life."

Emme says once you have the basic shopping list in hand, put your own spin on each piece depending on your style, whether that's urban, artsy, conservative, flirty or any other description you can come up with.

  • Long pants.
  • Short skirt (just above the knee).
  • Long skirt (grazing the shin).
  • Camisoles with adjustable straps for finer dressing and Lycra layering pieces.
  • Shirt in a variety of lengths: cropped at the top of the abdomen, cropped below the belly button and a tunic.
  • Cardigans -- to be paired with camisoles.
  • Sweaters of different textures and qualities.
  • A couple of Little Black Dresses.
  • A tan or black trench coat.
  • A black or red sheath dress.
  • A couple of knit dusters (short for petite women and long for tall).
  • A great black shoulder bag.
  • Comfortable, well-soled shoes.
  • Shawls to dress up casual outfits on cool nights.
  • Reliable, panty-line-free undergarments.

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