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Detoxification helps cleanse pet’s body

March 16, 2003


My holistic doctor recently prescribed a detoxification protocol for me. After spending several weeks following the protocol, I feel much better. I have more energy, sleep better and feel less bloated and tired. Do you prescribe a detoxification protocol for your patients, and exactly what would be involved? I would like something for my older cat. He's not ill, but I think it would help his general health.

Detoxification is an important part of therapy often prescribed by holistic doctors. It can be used as part of the therapy for illness or used once or twice yearly in an attempt to rid the body of toxins.

For people, the protocol is strict. It usually involves a period of fasting, followed by a strict dietary regimen for a period of time, with the gradual reintroduction of healthy foods. Various herbs and/or homeopathics are used to cleanse the liver and gastrointestinal system and provide support for the immune system (lymphatics). A colonic cleansing can be done.

A similar approach can be taken with pets, with modifications. I use a homeopathic detoxification kit that contains three products: Lymphomyosot to support the lymphatics; berberis-homaccord to stimulate the kidney and gall bladder; and nux vomica-homaccord to cleanse the liver and GI systems. They are available as liquids and are administered by mixing with the pet's daily ration of water.

The detoxification helps cleanse the pet's body, and the ongoing nutritional and herbal support help the body heal. A 12- to 24-hour fasting can be done if the pet can tolerate it, and then a diet designed for the pet's specific nutritional needs is recommended. Colonic cleansing is usually not done, as this is stressful.

-- Shawn P. Messonnier is a veterinarian and pet care advocate.

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